This vegan crockpot chili is incredibly easy to make – just toss all ingredients in a crockpot and set it to cook while you’re at work or on the mountain. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a classic winter dish if you’re vegan, meat free, dairy free, etc.

Here’s the run down of ingredients:⁠
∙ Brown lentil beans⁠
∙ Kidney beans⁠
∙ Black beans⁠
∙ Corn⁠
∙ Bell peppers⁠
∙ Red onion⁠
∙ Chilis⁠
∙ Jalepenos⁠
∙ Peeled & crushed tomatoes⁠
∙ Tomato paste⁠
∙ Garlic⁠
∙ Oregano⁠
∙ Parsley⁠
∙ Cumin⁠
∙ S+P⁠
∙ @chocenfoods avocado oil⁠

Topped with:⁠
∙ @followyourheart shredded cheddar cheese⁠
∙ @sietefoods tortilla chips⁠
∙ @nancysyogurt plain probiotic oatmilk yogurt⁠
∙ avocado slices⁠

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