I love a good poke bowl and making them at home is honestly so so easy!

Tip: skip the rice and double up on green to keep it low carb and gut-friendly.⁠

What you need:⁠

✧ BASE ✧⁠
I like to use lots of greens, specifically a power green blend of baby kale, chard, and baby spinach⁠

Pick your poison. I like to use spicy ahi tuna, crab and shrimp, mainly because our grocery store sells them ready to go for poke bowls. Remember, if you’re buying fish to buy sushi-grade and wild-caught.⁠

✧ ADD ONS ✧⁠
This is where you can freaky! My favorites include:⁠
– Avocado⁠
– Furikake⁠
– Edamame⁠
– Green onions⁠
– Black sesame seeds⁠
– White sesame seeds⁠
– Seaweed salad⁠
– Cucumbers⁠
– Crispy garlic sticks⁠

✧ SAUCE ✧⁠
I like to use a @mymisomayo spicy red pepper miso paste (also probiotic) or make my own spicy mayo by mixing hot sauce with @chosenfoods avocado oil mayo. I also give the whole thing a drizzle of @bigtreefarmsbali coconut aminos⁠

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