I would consider myself a pro-traveler (humble brag). Maybe it’s the Sagittarius in me or the fact that I spent years of my career traveling both internationally and domestically for work and another few years planning very complex and complicated excursions for some of the fashion industry’s most affluent and notable names. Either way, over the years, I’ve picked up some tips and tricks and have realized there are a (large – sorry I’m an over packer) handful of items I appreciate having with me for both personal and business travel.

So, I’ve put together this list to remind you to pack these small, but highly impactful healthy girl items so you can stay feeling and looking your best no matter how far and long you travel.

Disclosure: some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

For The Plane

  • Hydrating Sheet Mask
    According to the World Health Organization, cabin air has an average of 20% less humidity than the air in your home. The lack of moisture on planes leaves you not only feeling tired and dry, but makes your skin look dull and aged. In addition to drinking lots of water, and ideally minimizing alcohol, use a hydrating face mask to help retain moisture. My favorite is W!NK CBD Calming Face Mask in Cucumber. It’s a 100% cotton sheet mask with ultra-hydrating ingredients like CBD, cucumber, rose and hyaluronic acid.

    PS – for the month of September, if you purchase through my W!NK referral link, you’ll receive 10% off your order. Throughout September, you can also purchase any W!NK vapor product and receive 20% off spa essentials!

  • A Good Book
    Reading on planes provides the perfect escapism for allowing those long hours sitting in your seat to fly by quickly. Whether you’re into fiction, nutrition, spiritual or self-empowerment books, check out my shop for a list of some of my favorite reads (scroll to the bottom of the page)!

  • Healthy Snacks
    Let’s be honest, the snacks offered on planes are really awful. Unless you’re fortunate enough to fly business or first where you receive meals and the selection tends to be more expanded, there’s no way I’m putting those fake cheesy crackers into my body. A few of my favorite snacks to pack include: fruit, half avocado with everything but the bagel seasoning, cut up veggies and hummus cups, Hippeas, Skinny Dipped Almonds, bars, nuts and seeds. I tend to go for snacks that have lots of fat and nutrients to help keep me full, but will also mix in some healthier things to nosh on.

  • Comfortable Neck Pillow
    Sometimes you fly business and get a fully lay flat seat and have so much gratitude for the fact that you can be horizontal on a flight. Other times, you need to figure out how to sleep upright, in which case, a comfortable neck pillow is an absolute necessity. I’m CONVINCED that I have found the number one most comfortable neck pillow. It’s “J” shaped, and it can use it in many different ways and it actually creates some leverage for you to lean your head on. I’ve let friends borrow it for trips and they all come back asking me for the link to buy it. That’s how good it is.

  • Sleep Supplements
    If you’re flying across different time zones, my biggest tip for avoiding jet lag and easily assimilating to time differences is to make sure you plan your sleeping hours on the plane and start to adjust to the local time at your destination before you even land. So, for example, if you are landing in Paris at 7:00AM, you’re going to land and then have a whole day ahead of you. You’re going to have a BAD TIME if you don’t sleep on the plane and then land and need to either force yourself to stay awake or go to bed after landing because you can’t fathom staying up (strongly discourage you from doing the latter, it’ll really deepen your jet lag). If you’re like me and want to maximize your time, count backwards 6-8 hours from the time you land and plan to take a natural sleep supplement one hour before bedtime since you’ll need to give it time to digest.

    PRO TIP: you can also split the sleeping aid and take half under your tongue so it has a more immediate effect and then take the rest orally for a more extended release (as you can see, this isn’t my first rodeo).

    In this example:

    7:00 AM local time – Landing in Paris
    12:00 AM Paris time  – “Bedtime” on the plane regardless of whatever time it is back home
    11:00 PM Paris time – Plan to take a sleeping supplement and put yourself to bed

    Good old melatonin will do the trick or if you want something a bit more enhanced, I like Beauty ZZZ by Hum Nutrition. (use code 1A52D8 for $10 off)

Day Wear

  • Mineral Sunscreen
    Vacations usually mean a lot more time spent outdoors, and since the sun is one of the fastest ways to prematurely age your skin, a quality, everyday wear sunscreen is a must. My current favorites are Sun Bum SPF 50 Broad Spectrum Mineral Sunscreen for body and COOLA Full Spectrum Mineral Sun Silk in SPF 30 for face.

    Not sure what to look for in a clean, non-toxic sunscreen? Check out my clean sunscreen guide.

  • A Packable Straw Hat
    No vacation is complete without a cute sun hat! Not only is a hat added protection from the sun, but it also helps add a vaca flair to any outfit!

  • Cute Sunglasses
    I’m currently having a moment with sunglasses, so I pack multiple pairs to rotate between different outfits.

Nutrition and Supplements

  • Lemon Essential Oil
    At home, I tend to start most of my days with hot water and lemon to promote healthy digestion. This can be a bit trickier to do when you travel since you may not have fresh lemons in your hotel room. The fix? Bring a therapeutic or food grade lemon essential oil with you and add a few drops to your water. You can use your room’s coffee machine to make hot water or simply add to a glass of room temp water.

    I use doTERRA Lemon on the reg.

  • Probiotic
    Taking a daily probiotic has been key for keeping my immunity strong, my mood uplifted, skin looking fresh, digestion on point. You name it. So, there’s no way I’d leave home without my doTERRA Probiotic.

  • Digestive Enzyme
    As much as you may try to stick to your regular eating patterns, the reality is, meals tend to be more flexible on vacation. And that’s totally okay! But, I incorporate doTERRA Digestive Enzyme before my meals on trips to help reduce bloat (critical for looking and feeling great in a bikini) and to keep things regular.

  • Digestive Supplement or Essential OilAte something that didn’t sit too well with you and now your stomach (and other GI areas) are feeling crazy? Having a supplement on hand that has

    bellysoothing ingredients like ginger, fennel or peppermint to name a few, can quickly and easily help settle any discomfort. Most people like to travel with ginger tablets – you can snag them at any drugstore. I personally like to use doTERRA DigestZen Essential Oil topically or I take doTERRA DigestZen SoftGels internally.

  • Travel Sized Matcha Packets
    Coffee can be pretty simple to find at really any destination, but if you’re a matcha girl, this yummy green drink can be a bit more tricky to locate unless you’re traveling somewhere that’s pretty health conscious. I recently discovered Aiya Matcha To Go packets, and I’m obsessed. Their matcha is ceremonial grade and has zero sugar!

  • Travel Sized Golden Milk Packets
    Turmeric has so many amazing benefits, but the most well-known use for turmeric is that it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory. I like to keep some golden milk on hand in case I’m feeling inflamed or maybe sore from a vacation workout (yes, I’m that person). My go to packets are Further Food’s Turmeric Tonic (it’s the same kind I use at home to make my golden milk lattes).

    P.S. – here’s my stove-top golden milk recipe and my Instagram story highlights talk about how I use Further Food’s Turmeric Tonic.

  • Travel Sized Collagen Peptides
    If you’re crazy for collagen and all the benefits it provide to not only your hair, skin and nails, but also your gut, you know that travel sized collagen peptide packets are a must for feeling and looking beautiful daily. I travel with Further Food’s Collagen Peptide Packets.

  • Travel Sized MCT Oil
    MCT oil or medium-chain triglycerides are a type of fat that is found in certain oils, most notably coconut oil. It’s really useful in keeping you satiated (especially if you’re intermittent fasting on vaca – yup, I do that too. I know, eye roll). But, it also really helpful in staying energized for extended periods of time. Bulletproof Brain Ocatane Oil Go Packets are reputable, high-quality source of natural energy.

  • Travel Sized Greens Packet
    Most people know that you should eat copious amounts of greens daily. But, when you’re traveling and trying to immerse yourself in a new culture and cuisine, it can be tough to stick to the daily recommended serving of vegetables. That’s why I’ll usually start my day with an Amazing Grass Green Superfood Packet so I can ensure I’m at least getting in two servings of greens. I usually just mix it in with some water and drink it straight. Truth be told, it’s not the most delicious thing you’ll ever drink, but I’m going for function over joy on this one.

  • Supplement/Vitamin Organizer
    With the laundry list of supplements and vitamins I just gave you (LOL), you’ll need a way to keep all of these pills organized. This portable pill organizer has been one of my favorite recent purchases. It’s cute and bright, but highly functional. You can plan out your supplements for day and night, but can also take individual days out of the case so if you’re only going away on a weekend trip you can just grab the days you need versus bringing the entire case.


  • Resistance Bands
    Whether you’re traveling somewhere with a hotel gym or not, there are a couple workout items that are super easy to travel with that can help really elevate your on-the-go workouts.

    The first is resistance bands. There are an insane amount of ways to incorporate resistance bands into your workouts to hit every area of your body. I bought this four pack of resistance bands from Amazon. It comes with light, medium, heavy and x-heavy bands, plus a little bag to keep them all together and easy to locate in your suitcase.

    You can also check out this fast, efficient 40 minute tabata workout I put together using resistance bands.

  • Gliding Discs or Sliders
    The second easy to pack workout item is gliding discs or sliders. If you’ve ever incorporated these into your workout, then oh baby, you’ve felt the burn. I personally love to use sliders for core.


  • Lavender Essential Oil
    Using lavender essential oil is a stable in my night time routine. Travel with a bottle of lavender oil and add a few drops to your hand, rub your hands together, cup your hands over your nose and take a few deep inhales to instantly feel relaxed. You can also rub the oil from your hands onto your pillow or mix the oil in a spray bottle with some witch hazel to spritz on linens.

Other Essentials

  • Collapsable Metal Straw Keychain
    Because it’s 2019 and plastic straws a completely unacceptable. Help protect our oceans no matter where you are in the world with this super handy collapsable metal straw that doubles as a keychain.

  • Poo Pourri
    Staying in close quarters with your significant other and/or friends and needing to go number two in the bathroom can be awkward and uncomfortable. Poo Pourri takes the shame out of pooping. So you can do your business sans any embarrassing after smell.

  • CBD Tincture and Vape
    How blessed are we that we’re now allowed to travel with hemp-derived CBD domestically? I use my W!NK CBD Tincture orally every morning and then keep my W!NK CBD Vapor Pen Kit on me for use throughout the day or right before bed. W!NK’s pen kit is also super cute and discreet so you can toss it in your bag and no one would suspect it’s a vape. It looks more like an eyeliner to be honest.

    For me, CBD helps keep anxiety and depression at bay. It also helps with sleep, relaxation, pain management, and inflammation. For the month of September, if you purchase W!NK products through my link, you can get 10% off your order. W!NK is also offering 20% off spa essential products with the purchase of any vapor product – amazing!

    Make sure to check the laws for any international travel!

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