Eating healthy doesn’t mean you need to eat boring, plain food – like, at all. I LOVE this recipe because it gives you that fix you sometimes need for a really creamy, rich pasta dish, without all the guilt, processed ingredients and added calories. It’s clean, lower on the carb scale, packed with protein and fucking delicious.

» Explore Cuisine organic edamame spaghetti
» organic peas
» garlic
» Sonoma Gourmet kale pesto with white cheddar pasta sauce
» pasture-raised organic chicken
» cooked with Chosen Foods avocado oil
» garlic and herb seasoning
» S+P to taste

» Prepare spaghetti according to directions on the box
» Simultaneously, spray a skillet with avocado oil and sauté your chicken over medium-high heat with some minced garlic and garlic and herb seasoning. Cook thoroughly. Once done, cube chicken.
» Also at the same time, prepare your peas! Hopefully you got a steam bag, but if not, just throw them in a pot and cook until tender
» When everything is done, combine all ingredients in the spaghetti pot and pour in your kale pesto sauce. Stir and allow to warm over medium heat.

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