It’s really feeling like summer in San Diego these days – the sun’s back out full time for the most part, and the city is feeling a lot busier with the influx of tourists. So I’ve been playing around with mixing up my usual green smoothie for something a bit more fun.

Smoothie Ingredients:

☀️ 1 scoop Zhou Nutrition spirulina

☀️ 1 scoop Trader Joe’s organic flaxseed meal

☀️ 1 scoop Further Food collagen powder

☀️ handful of blueberries

☀️ a few pieces of cut up mango

☀️ ½ teaspoon coconut oil

☀️ half an avocado

☀️ power greens mix of organic spinach, chard and kale

☀️ ½ Harmless Harvest coconut water and ½ water


☀️ blueberries

☀️ mangos

☀️ coconut flakes

☀️ sunflower seeds

☀️ chia seeds

☀️ Seven Sunday’s Rise and Grind muesli

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