I’ve clearly been on a smoothie kick, but honestly, I have no regrats about it (not even one letter – NAME THAT MOVIE📽 ).

I love a good smoothie but it’s a quick, easy and colorful way to pack a SHIT TON of nutrients, superfoods and adaptogens (buzzwords) into one very portable meal.

Oats and Cacao Smoothie

▪️Good Karma Foods flax milk

▪️Further Foods collagen

▪️Ancient Nutrition vanilla bone broth protein

▪️Trader Joe’s organic ground flax seeds

▪️Navitas Organics maca powder

▪️rolled oats

▪️cacao nips

▪️sunflower seeds

▪️Nutiva organic coconut oil

▪️green apple

▪️pitted dates


▪️coconut flakes (topping only)

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