This digestion boosting smoothie has officially become my new go-to! YUP, you heard me right. It’s replaced my usual spirulina green smoothie and my eggs/avo toast breakfast I was stuck on there for a solid few months.

It’s got more of a tart taste due to the more acidic flavors, but my body honestly craves it. PLUS I feel soooo good drinking this knowing I’m doing my gut a solid.


▪ 1 banana

Further Food collagen

Bob’s Red Mill organic flax seed meal

▪ Big handful of greens (choose any or mix: spinach, chard, arugula, green kale)

▪ Splash of apple cider vinegar

▪ Splash of real lemon juice or slide of lemon (w/o skin, obv)

▪ Organic shelled hemp seeds

▪ 4 or so pitted dates

▪ ½ an avocado

▪ tsp. Nutiva organic, cold-pressed coconut oil

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