When you live an hour from the Mexican border, taco tuesday is kinddd of a lifestyle.

Here’s how to easily build a (Brady approved) taco salad you can feel good about:

BASE: Choose a green. I prefer baby spinach, but kale and lettuce are also good options. You can also mix and match your portions between a green and whole grain like quinoa and brown rice.

PROTEIN: I like to keep mine lean, so it’s usually ground turkey, but ground chicken or beef work here too. If you’re meat free, opt for beans and/or tofu. Cook it in your favorite taco seasoning. Trader Joe’s makes a good one.

TOPPINGS: Here’s where you can get freaky. I like to use avocado, Siggi’s Yogurt as a sub for sour cream, Siete grain free sea salt tortilla chips (not pictured here b/c there was a Siete chip drought at all my stores), a grass-fed shredded cheese, and Hiedi’s medium salsa.

Enjoy amigos. ❤️