Ingredients include:

  • Silver tequila made with 100% blue agave
  • Blackberries
  • Lime juice
  • Soda water

How to make:

Easy peasy. Muddle up some blackberries, add a healthy shot of tequila, squeeze in some fresh lime juice, and top off with some soda water (truth be told, I don’t love carbonation, so I would sub a little bit of water and extra lime juice in the recipe. But I realize that may be too savage for the general population).

What you need to know:

When consuming alcohol, the less sugar and carbs the better. Drinking is such a sneaky way for tons of extra sugars and carbs to make it into your diet. Tequila also won’t spike your blood sugar, is low in calories, and is gluten free.

Remember, it’s all about balance.

Cheers, friends!