Sticking to your wellness goals while on vacation can be tough.

But, here are a few things I like to do to make sure I continued to stay feeling balanced and happy before, during and after any trip.

3 Tips To Help You Stick To Your Health and Wellness Goals While You Travel
  1. Set expectations with yourself ahead of time. Are you going to completely abandon your eating habits? Will you give yourself some flexibility? Or will you be 100% sticking to your routines? No matter what you decide, injecting a little bit of mindfulness and thought into the situation provides you with the ability to make a CHOICE, rather than getting swept up in the moment
  2. Find small ways to incorporate wellness into your days while on vacation. You could shorten your 20 minute meditation to just 5 minutes in the morning. Travel with a ziplock bag of collagen to put in your coffee.  Bring essential oils mixed with water in a spray bottle to spritz on your pillow at night. These little things will do big things for helping you feel balanced.
  3. Do at least one active thing throughout the weekend. Personally, I like to blend sightseeing with physical activities such as walking or hiking because it serves two purposes: experiencing a new place and staying active.